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  • Writer's pictureHannah Mello, MEd

Before they were rules, they were risks.

There's no shortage of "do this" - "do that" - "10 ways to____" - "if you want ___, then ____."

Before these shoulds were instagram memes, Harvard Business Review or Forbes articles—people saw something, heard something, put two-and-two together, and took a risk.

A community went out on a limb.

Someone jumped off a cliff. The waters calling were louder than fear.

Don't get me wrong. This is coming from a person who has many mentors, a jam-packed library, and seeks out learning at every turn.

There is a time for all of those resources.

And, there is a time to turn the volume down on the influencers, best practices, experts and pundits.

To pay attention.

To act from a deeper listening.

What time is it for you?

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